Productive Power

Wanhai Medical has independent full process production workshops, including mold manufacturing workshop, plastic injection workshop, assembly workshop and packaging workshop. From mold design and manufacturing, to plastic injection to the assembly of pen injectors, all processes are completed by Wanhai Medical independently.

Mold Manufacturing

Wanhai Medical provides custom design and development services, which have always been an integral part of pen injector businesses. Wanhai Medical has the ability and experience to develop and manufacture high-precision and multi-cavity molds. At the same time, the workshop is also used to design and manufacture tooling and equipment for assembly, testing, and printing.

Plastic Injection Production

Wanhai Medical has dozens of injection molding machines of different capacities to produce all plastic parts of pen injectors. Wanhai Medical‘s materials R&D database contains various plastic combination schemes, such as PP, PBT, PC, ABS, POM, PA, PE, etc., enable us to select the best materials for various parts of the pen injectors.

Assembly Production

When developing new platform products, Wanhai Medical can implement a batch and hierarchical assembly production scheme at different stages of the project according to customer needs, through process optimization and in-depth customization, to ensure the selection of the most reliable and economical manufacturing process. Wanhai Medical has multiple automatic assembly lines in the assembly workshop to ensure timely and high-quality products and services.

Final Assembly

The final assembly of the combination products includes the device, primary container, labeling and packaging. The assebmly of drugs and devices are usually at the filling site to reduce time, risk and transportation costs. Wanhai Medical's support of drug and device assembly is an ideal solution to ensure the final combined product is assembled according to the device specification and meets all requirements. Wanhai Medical works closely with its strategic cooperative equipment manufacturers to provide ready-to-order final assembly solutions and assembly systems in small, medium and large scales according to the specific requirements of the equipment, such as assembly force and online control. Wanhai Medical can provide on-site support at the final assembly site with our experienced industrial engineers according to customers request.