The usage and precautions of the insulin pen

The usage and precautions of the insulin pen

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The usage and precautions of the insulin pen are as follows:

One, wash your hands properly.

Second, check the insulin and refill.

Third, install the refill correctly.

4. For premixed insulin, it needs to be fully mixed. Put the insulin pen flat in the palm of your hand, roll it horizontally 10 times, then clamp the insulin pen with both hands, and shake the elbow joint and forearm up and down to fully mix the liquid medicine in the bottle. Until the insulin turns into a uniform cloudy white liquid.

5. Correctly install the needle for the insulin pen.

Sixth, exhaust the air in the refill.

7. Turn the dose knob to the required scale, and check the correct insulin injection dose according to the doctor's advice.

8. Check and disinfect the injection site.

Nine, injection. Determine whether the skin is pinched, choose the appropriate injection technique and needle insertion angle, insert the needle quickly, and inject the drug slowly.

When injecting insulin, check whether the insulin pen is normal. Exhaust air before injection, and rotate 1 to 2 units. If the liquid medicine is not discharged after repeated operations, and the rotation button of the insulin pen cannot be pressed down, you should first check whether it is If the needle becomes clogged or deformed due to repeated use, try changing the needle again.