Product Detail

WH-RB1 – an easy operation & multi-dose reusable pen


WH-RB1 is an easy operation variable dose injection pen providing a comfortable handling experience and is easily accepted by the patients.

● Intuitive and proven dial and dose handling concept for maximum patient acceptance

● Easy dose setting and correction ensuring high patient comfort

● Thread connection and sliding lead screw for quick cartridge change

● For insulin and other multi-dose therapies

Customization and manufacturing

● WH-RB1 can be customized with different colors for the pen cap and housing and with specific printing such as the logo/trademark of the customer.

● The most competitive price to successfully compete in an increasingly cost-sensitive market

● Mature and reliable design to minimize complaint rates and allow a guaranteed pen lifetime of 3 years.

● Off-the-shelf devices are available within a few weeks providing an affordable upfront investment for pharmaceutical customers.

Mature & Reliable pen technology

● The dosing mechanism optimised for maximum dosing force reduction with minimum dose knob extension for optimal user experience

● Large dose display window for good readability

● Bayonet connection and sliding lead screw for quick cartridge change

● Dial and dose handling concept provides a high level of patient convenience

● Audible and tactile feedback during dosing, dose correction, and delivery are user-friendly

● Post-injection remaining dose indicator for the final dose ensuring correct dosing up to the last drop

Device specifications

Primary container 4 mL double-chamber cartridge
Fill volume 1 mL
Min. dose 0.0075 mL
Dose increment 0.0075 mL
Max. dose 0.45 mL
Number of dose increment 60
Compatible needle type Compatible with standard pen needles
Material of housing Aluminium



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